Pattern Design Lookbook

I am an engineer turned artist and I love the little beach town we moved to along the shores of Lake Michigan, so I created a design that celebrates the great things to experience here. That one design started on a postcard, in one store, and now in my 6 years as a small business owner, it’s spread to many towns and states and hundreds of designs.

I love colors and bold prints that have a touch whimsy. I don’t take life too seriously and I create patterns that make me smile and brighten someone’s day. I love to create custom designs too that celebrate the uniqueness of the seasons and where we live.

My artwork is available to license or purchase and I am happy to freelance or work on commission. I am not only an artist, but a product designer as well, so I am able to help you with your product projects to best fit your customers. We can collaborate together or I can take a subject and start drawing. If you are a company or manufacturer that would like to see my designs or style of artwork on your products, please feel free to contact me.