August Color Palettes from Tandem for Two

August Color Palettes from Tandem for Two

Every month seems to have it's own color scheme, it's own mood. Here's our take on the colors of August for your inspiration.
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Favorite Things: Back to School -

Favorite Things: Back to School

I've gathered a few of my favorite things that I like to send my kids (and myself) back to school with. You can brighten your desk, book bag, or backpack with these finds, just click on the headings for the links!

1. Gift tags
I love to liven up my gifts with a cute tag that they'll want to keep!

2. Paper clips
I love color, so why not brighten up my paperwork too? Life is too short to be plain!

3. Pouch
I can't help but smile when I see my colorful pouches. I use mine at the beach or for makeup and my daughter uses it for her school supplies.

4. Stapler
I'm obsessed with all things made by Poppin! Their fun colors and sleek designs brighten up my desk and book bag.

5. Pens and pencils
Poppin makes so many colors to choose from - it's hard to not get them all!

6. Postcards
I love sending postcards in lieu of letters - they are quick to pop in the mail, easy to give college kids to encourage them to write (pre-stamped of course!) and I tuck them into my kids lunches too. These colorful ones from Pantone are right up my alley!

7. Magnets
My daughter loves these little magnets - they are so collectible and she uses them to hang up reminders and assignments on her board. 

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How to Pack the Essential Road Trip Tote -

How to Pack the Essential Road Trip Tote

I love a good road trip and I’m a planner, so I always pack a tote to have accessible in the car and to help me be ready for everything!
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