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The 100 Mile Yard Sale & Galesburg, Illinois - Tandem For Two

The 100 Mile Yard Sale & Galesburg, Illinois

I’ll admit that I have dumpster-dived a time or two. My sister and I are pickers and the more hole-in-the-wall the building, the better. We are more apt to find good treasures and cool junk in that kind of place. So when my sister discovered a 100 mile long yard sale started not far from her house in the Chicago suburbs, we planned our weekend!
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Desk Organization Tools & Tips - Tandem For Two

Desk Organization Tools & Tips

Every morning I work from my laptop on the couch with my dog, but every afternoon I have gotten into the habit of working from my desk. I need a change of scenery, my dog becomes restless and I need to feel a little more professional. But if my desk is a mess, then it can demotivate or distract us from working or at least keep us from working efficiently. So here’s some ways to corral the clutter and stay organized.
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How To Write a Personal Note for any Occasion - Tandem For Two

How To Write a Personal Note for any Occasion

Letter writing really is a lost art in today’s culture of texts, emails and instant messaging. But there really are life occassions that warrant a thoughtful, handwritten note instead of an electronic message.
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