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About Me

owner Jennifer Smelker
I love the state I live in. My orange tandem bike first came into my life when my sister took me on a 100 mile yard sale road trip across the Midwest. One of the last stops was a farmer's barn and in it I found my 1968 Montgomery Ward tandem bike. I had to have it and somehow managed to add it to an overflowing pick-up truck. We cleaned up that orange tandem bike and it became the main mode of transportation for me and my young daughter throughout our small beach town.

Tandem For Two got its start in 2013 and the logo was born when my son suggested the name, complete with our orange tandem bike. This bike, that went from a Midwest farm to a small beach town, sums up all that we love about where we live. Its basket has carried veggies from our farmers' market, towels for the beach, picnic dinners to the park, and even our dachshund gets an occasional ride!

Tandem For Two is all about celebrating the everyday activities of where we live, making memories with illustrated designs and giving unique gifts as we journey in life together!

As we celebrate where we live and where life takes us, we give back to our communities as 10% of each purchase will give homeless kids a birthday party through The Birthday Party Project, a national non-profit organization we partner with.  

In the spring of 2019, the company expanded to include art licensing and illustration. Now I collaborate with other companies for custom patterns, artwork, and product and package design. I've been fortunate to work with some fun companies on a variety of products like fabric, home decor and table top products, pet accessories, and apparel and gift products, continuing to help other create memories and give unique gifts.