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I understand that you want fresh and unique designs and best-selling products to offer your customers. As an engineer turned artist, I create colorful and nature-inspired designs and can assist in developing unique products that help you and your customers celebrate each season where you live.

Influenced by the colors of my childhood (I loved my orange and yellow bedroom and only wore red, turquoise, and yellow for all of 8th grade), I've never shied away from color and that carries through into the designs I create. My love for the outdoors (I'm an environmental engineer) and love of travel (I'm always exploring new places) influences my pattern making and subjects too.

My artwork is available to license or purchase and I am happy to freelance or work on commission. I've been fortunate to work with some fun companies on a variety of products like fabric, home decor and table top products, pet accessories, and gift products. We can collaborate together or I can work from a design brief.

If you are a company or manufacturer that would like to see my designs or style of artwork on your products, please contact me.