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Forecasting Trends for the Year Ahead

Forecasting Trends for the Year Ahead

Pinterest has been release trend reports for a while now, but over the past four years, 80% of their predicted trends came true. That's a pretty good track record in my book! What they call Pinterest Predicts, is a report of emerging trends and what is not yet trending for the year ahead. It’s a great way to see what consumers will search and buy next, especially since 482 million people use Pinterest to search!

This isn't necessarily helpful for those who license their art, as it isn't far enough ahead, but it is a great way to capitalize on micro trends and create art and products that for the immediate year ahead. And you never know when those trends will continue to grow and become a macro trend for the year beyond. 


Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) provides trend forecasting, trend & market analysis, global fashion expertise, research & strategies on products, brand extensions, market opportunities & branding. 

They release their Future Consumer forecast that predicts consumer profiles two years in advance. They do this through consumer insight, product design direction and trading strategies so businesses can  land the right trends at the right time to maximize sales.

The Future Consumer forecast gives details for four consumer profiles that will drive business in 2025:

The New Nihilists are contemplative, non-conformist, alternative thinkers, and seek meaning. Honesty, authenticity and humor will be the best ways to gain the trust of The New Nihilists, who don’t want to feel like they are being sold to.

The Reductionists are busy, values-driven, community-focused, and seek connection. They crave connection, whether it’s through a human touch in your service or an emotional touch in your storytelling. They also need to know that your values align with theirs.

The Time Keepers focus is on creating a richer life through daily rituals and meaningful experiences. They're discerning, epicurean, age-agnostic, and seek enrichment. They want the freedom and flexibility to live their best lives and they’re drawn to things that will add value to their world.

The Pioneers are movers, shakers and opportunity-makers who thrive on change and new ideas. They are entrepreneurial, mercurial, risk-takers, and seek inspiration. The Pioneers will be inspired by new ideas and smart designs, and anything that seamlessly connects their physical and virtual worlds.

We can keep these aspects in mind as we create products, designs, and art for the years ahead. 


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