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I Love this Place: Mackinac Island

I Love this Place: Mackinac Island

Each summer my family spends a week in the eastern end of the U.P. with my mom and my sister’s family. The week always flies, but my sister and I realized that our kids had never been to Mackinac Island and it had been a long time for us as well. That needed to change! So we headed over on a gorgeous day. The kind of day we call an “Up North day” - bright, blue skies and huge, puffy white clouds. Perfect. We took an early ferry and chose the one that took a detour under the bridge. With three engineers in the family (myself included) we LOVED the view. What a great perspective of the Mighty Mac!

Mackinac Bridge

It was such a beautiful day, that we decided to bike ride around the island. (ok—it was more like I suggested it and my sister and I talked everyone into it). With kids ages 15 to 6 between our families the reality was some of our kids (i.e. my teens) and our husbands weren’t convinced that this would be fun. They had fun! They even admitted it. How could you not? Beautiful views everywhere and pit stops along the way—Arch Rock and Eagle Point Cave on the east side of the island, British Landing Beach and views of the bridge on the west side. We leisurely rode around the island (8.1 miles) and of course had to finish with ice cream - the best lunch! We split up then and some of us shopped, some checked out the fort and historic buildings, and we met up and relaxed at Marquette Park. It was such a great day!

Biking Macinac Island

There was so much more we could have done and this summer I am hoping for the chance as I will visit and see my products carried in a store on the island. Little Luxuries of Mackinac is a gem of a store on Main Street owned by Nicole Doud—her husband Andrew owns Doud’s Market, the oldest grocery store in the U.S.! I created a bucket list of all the wonderful things to see and do on the Island and what makes life there so special. My gift items will be available in both stores and I loved shopping there—you really shouldn’t miss them!

This past week I read an article that it was a sure sign of spring when the horses come back to Mackinac Island. As I prepared my first shipment of goodies to the Island, my mom pointed out that my packages would be delivered by horse-drawn drays. So neat to think that we have such a special place in our state that preserves a slice of history. If you haven’t been, or it’s been a while, then I suggest you add Mackinac Island to your bucket list!

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