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Things I Love: May 2016

Things I Love: May 2016

As I'm packing for a weekend getaway with my husband (he actually won a trip from a business vendor and I get to come too), I'm excited that I get to pull out a few of my favorite things. I've discovered that the clearance section of the Tommy Hilfiger website has some great deals, including a weekender tote that I love. I'm a sucker for stripes and I'm so glad that I snatched this one up.

My mini pins are just coming out in stores, so I had to pin a few on my tote. I love that I can “say” I’m from Michigan with our cheerful mitten or my adopted town of Grand Haven with it’s iconic lighthouse. Helps identify my bag too.

I always have a notebook with me, and did even before I had a business. I'm always making lists, jotting down ideas, and when we travel it seems to be a good time to dream. I have finally found a line of notebooks and pens that I am completely in love with - Poppin! Such fun colors and fun designs that make you smile. I love their desk accessories and own many and now they just launched a line of coordinating office furniture - what?!

Finally, it seems like I always have water with me, in a bottle or tumbler. I got tired of drinking plain water a while back and had tried all sorts of water additives, but couldn’t stand the aftertaste that many had. Propel was the answer! It flavors, adds vitamins, zero calories and no aftertaste. When I fly, I stick one of my cute tumblers in my tote and the single-serve powder packets, so I can make my own flavored water once I get through security instead of buying bottled water.

Next time you take a quick trip, be sure to grab some things you love!


Yes Karen we also carry them as magnets on our website. We love them! And car decals are an item we are looking into this summer. Thanks!

The buttons above are so cute. Have you thought about using them as magnets or even better as decals for car windows?

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