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Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook - Tandem For Two

Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook

How many of us don’t have a little space that we can truly call our own? A space where we can take a break, have some down time or recharge ourselves to tackle whatever comes next? Especially during busy times of year, having a little space carved out when you have little time, is a great way to gain a little peace. You might be surprised at how little space, expense or time it takes to create a little haven for yourself!

1. Find a space

Pick a corner of a bedroom, corner of an office, or that awkward space under the stairs.

2. Choose a chair

Find a comfortable but cute chair that makes you smile when you see it. I found my vintage chair for a steal at a flea market, but I’ve also used fun inexpensive chairs from Target

3. Make it comfy

Get a fresh pillow (of course I’m partial to mine but there are plenty to love at Target or Homegoods) and make your chair comfy and inviting. link to my pillow

4. Decorate!

Hang a fun piece of inexpensive wall art so that it anchors the chair and side table and forms and nice triangle. Clean white frames unify multiple art pieces and using uniquely shaped art brings interest to the space. Now our nook is taking shape! 

5. Make it practical

Repurpose a piece of furniture for a side table. I’ve used stacked footstools, a small patio table, or a Goodwill table that I’ve spray painted. You don’t want it to be big - just big enough to place your book and a cup of coffee or tea. 

6. Get ready to enjoy!

Grab a tray or platter you hardly use from your kitchen to corral a book, pretty napkins or coasters and your favorite coffee mug. link to my mugs

Now you have an inviting little space that you can curl up for an hour with a book or take a breather for 5 minutes!

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