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Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings - Tandem For Two

Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings

We don’t have a fireplace or mantel in our Craftsman bungalow so we have to get creative when it comes to hanging our Christmas stockings. There are actually so many places you can hang them from and make it so beautiful and festive that you won’t even miss a fireplace! You can hang your stockings from a branch mounted on the wall, on a wall coat rack, on a coat tree, on your piano, from a ladder, from the window sash, from the footboard of your bed, on your television stand, on a doorknob, or as our family does you can hang them from the stairwell handrail. I love how they march down the handrail and even though it isn’t a full length set of stairs, we manage to fit in all four.

1. Faux Greens

I dress my handrail with faux greens so that I can leave them up for over a month and not have bare branches by Christmas morning! They look so real and even have pine cones included. I tie it on to the handrail with ribbon in three places so it’s nice and secure and holds the weight of loaded stockings! 

2. Stocking Ornaments

Each stocking is identified by an initial ornament for each family member - they are lightweight and fun and an easy way to tell them apart so there is no fighting Christmas morning! 

3. Handmade Stockings

I handmade my stockings from an old bedspread that I loved the pattern of. They don’t take much fabric and were easy to sew and have lasted for years. I made them extra wide to fit tons of goodies in them! There are also so many great hand knit stockings at retail stores too! 

4. Stocking Stuffers

This year I’m giving my daughter a Christmas mug filled with hot cocoa and a peppermint spoon and my son a mug with a Starbucks gift card for coffee. My daughter has hinted loudly about my pencil pouch filled with my hand drawn notepads and fun engraved pencils. My husband and I always write notes in a greeting card to each of our kids Christmas morning and tuck that into their stockings too along with a giant candy cane of course! 

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