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Easy Backyard Pizza Night - Tandem For Two

Easy Backyard Pizza Night

Since I love pizza, we eat it just about every Friday night. Seriously. It is hands down my favorite food. At our house we have Friday Night Pizza Night and over the years that has turned into homemade pizza night instead of ordering out. I have perfected my Grilled Margherita Pizza (get the recipe and step-by-steps here) and I love to have people over to join us for grilled pizza. So fire up the grill, get a bonfire going, grab my favorite things to make entertaining easy and get everyone involved in making a memorable evening!

1. Homemade Dough, Sauce and Pizza Recipes

Don’t be intimidated by the words homemade dough or grilled pizza. It truly is quick and easy and pretty fool-proof! So get my step-by-step instructions on How to Grill the Best Pizza and get the party started!

2. Bar Towel

I use this to wipe up messes, work with a hot pizza stone and to wipe my hands when I’m done. You can never have too many!

3. Serving Tray

I use this wood tray year round to serve all sorts of items and its side handles make it quick and easy to cart your items outside.

4. Wood Pedestal Stand

I grab this off my buffet when I need gather items together and make them more accessible in a crowd.

5. Coffee Mugs

On cool evenings around the bonfire, I love to serve hot cocoa for the kids and coffee with a little something extra for the adults. Might as well have fun mugs that fit the activity!

6. Wood Cutting Board

I love that this board not only works great to help prep ingredients, but it works double-duty as a beautiful serving platter.

7. Cloth Napkins

Pizza can equal a saucey mess, so I keep napkins on hand and I love to use cloth ones that can just be thrown in the wash at the end of the night.

8. Serving Carafe

I don't want to miss any of the festivities, so keeping my coffee hot and outside, is easy with this insulated carafe!

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