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Easy Cocktails on the Porch or Patio - Tandem For Two

Easy Cocktails on the Porch or Patio

My most favorite place to sit and relax is our front porch. For some it is their patio, but slowing down and enjoying summer with a cocktail with some fresh fruit picked from my garden while swinging on my porch swing is a great place to be. I’m always ready to take advantage of nice weather or have beverages ready for friends and family when I keep my favorite things stocked up!

1. Acrylic Low Ball Glasses

I prefer not to use disposable paper and plastic products, but when outside, glass isn’t always the best option. I found these fun low ball acrylic glasses on Amazon and they are perfect for outdoor cocktails.

2. Swizzle Sticks & Paper Straws

Helpful when making cocktails, you can stir up your drinks with a swizzle stick. It not only mixes and dresses up your drinks, if you have a variety you can tell drinks apart by the swizzle they contain!

3. Felt Coasters

You may not have fine furniture on your porch or patio to protect, but I like to use coasters anyway and especially these made from sturdy feltboard, so they can easily collect the condensation in the summer heat and not leave a slippery mess.

4. Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins are eco-friendly since they're washable (who doesn’t love that and these don’t need ironing!) and they are a great way to make your drinks a little fun.

5. Metal Tray

I love my enamelware trays since they are so versatile. They work well as serving platters for a variety of appetizers or can fit a mountain of grilled food. Because they have a lip they also make a great tray to corral and cart a variety of items outdoors, like all of your condiments or serving utensils, or drinks.

Tandem For Two Swizzle Sticks

6. Handy Bar Towel

I love keeping extra towels around so any potential spills aren’t a big deal and their fun designs brighten up a space!

7. Sparking Juice

Don’t forget the kids! Sparkling juice’s lower sugar content and great flavors is perfect for kids or for those who prefer something non-alcoholic. Keep some on hand for those impromptu gatherings!

8. Beverage Cooler/Cart

I love our rolling beverage cooler! It is lined, so it’s easy to clean, has a handy bottle opener and bin to catch the bottle caps, and keeps plenty of drinks on ice. When we don’t have enough to fill it, we use it as beverage cart instead and it’s a great place for people to refill their drinks on their own.

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