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Embracing January Despite the Clouds

Embracing January Despite the Clouds

This can be a pretty tough month for a lot of people who live in northern climates. The rush and fun and celebratory atmosphere of the holidays is over, the decorations are put away, and an actual grey cloud descends (literally here in Michigan) on us. We've had about 2 days of sunshine so far this month here and for the first time I have purchased a UV lamp to help combat what I call, the blah. On those two days of sun, I sat next to the window with my dog and both of us acted like cats, basking in the sun with our faces toward the light.

So what do I do the rest of the month? I have decided to embrace these winter months like the Finns do. The Finnish culture has it down since many of their winter days are in darkness. 

  1. Get active - yes, I want to be a slug and stay in my bed all day, but I am actually getting outside for walks at least 3 times a week and I feel so much better afterwards!
  2. Get out - it's easy to hibernate during this season and not go anywhere, but I have met friends for coffee and even gone bowling this month. Just changing your scenery does wonders for our mindset!
  3. Get with others - again, it's easy to wall ourselves off and wait to emerge in the spring, but staying connected with others, sharing meals and time together helps them and us!
  4. Get healthy - I've stocked up on Vitamin C and D and I now own a UV light that I use on cloudy (almost every) days. I've been going to sleep earlier too so I'm better rested. Even though I don't have the fresh herbs and veggies from my garden, my windowsill is full of potted fresh herbs and I am thankful for fresh produce year-round. Making sure we stay healthy does help our mindset.
  5. Get inspired - By gathering people around you, buying yourself some fresh flowers or your favorite magazine, or painting a room with color, doing something for yourself this month definitely helps our mood!

These things have been helping me embrace this wintry month and I hope you can too!

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