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Home is a Haven

Home Is a Haven

It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way

This is not how we expected a new month to start. Many of us expected the anticipation of traveling this week, seeing new sights, exploring new towns, experiencing warmer weather and eating good food (without having to cook it). Yes, Spring Break is usually a mass exodus from the Midwest, and our family is no exception. My daughter and I were supposed to be heading for a long weekend in Savanah and really looking forward to exploring that historic city as well as enjoying a college visit. Then the rest of our family planned to join us for a week of relaxing together in Florida. Like everyone else we are disappointed and hoping that our family of four can actually work out dates to travel together again in the future. With young adults in the mix, that may not happen easily.
Not only have many families plans changed, but so have the milestones we expected to celebrate, the gatherings we planned to enjoy, the last events of a season in the life of our kids that won’t come again. It is hard to let go of what we expected, planned on, and looked forward to. And it can be scary when it's income lost, businesses closed, and the uncertainty if they will reopen. We know it is for the greater good, but we still grieve for what we have lost. And it does seem that we have lost out on a lot. But then again, maybe we have gained so much during this time instead. We have gained so much more.

What We Have Gained

Even though only a few orders are being placed right now (and I am so thankful for those!), I am still working on a lot of new projects but not at the breakneck pace I was. Now I have room in my day for an afternoon of creating art with my daughter. We have made time to sew masks to donate. My kids are learning to make sourdough bread from scratch. I have enjoyed  more hikes in our local woods with my husband and our dog. We have gained eating lunches together to in the middle of the day instead of being in our separate places of work and school. Instead of eating dinners out, my kids are making meals for all of us. That is a win any time!
We have gained movie nights and card games after dinner. Extra time to read and unexpected moments of conversation in the middle of the day. We are still working but not exhausted, have connection but aren't stressed.  It sounds like the things we would do on a good vacation.

Home is a Haven

I have always strived to make my home a haven - a safe, comfortable place for family and friends to come and relax. Now it’s a haven for just our family and that is okay. There will be a time when we can all open the doors once again to our homes and welcome others into our lives. But for now, I’m grateful we have this time to ourselves. I know in the scheme of things it won’t last long and my kids will soon be off and we will be an empty nest.
So in this month ahead, I plan to share ideas with you to celebrate this time with your family, to savor moments we have and create at home. We have so much to be thankful for!

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