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Cozy Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Cozy Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

As students head off to college, instead of a living in a boring dorm room, you can make it feel more like home and a comfortable spot to study with a few easy additions!

1. Fun Decor Pillow

Have your student take a little reminder of home with them with pillows that have their home state or home town bucket list on them. It will not only remind them of home but make their space feel more like home.

2. Favorite Coffee Mug

Necessary for those late night study sessions, a coffee mug is a dorm room must! Use a fun mug that brings a smile to their face. I love to give bucket list mugs for the new location they are in so they can easily see all the things they can do when they aren’t studying!

3. Message Board

It’s helpful to have a place to collect messages between roommates. Paint a board and frame it and it’s not only functional, but fun decor too. Add in a little metallic paint and you can write or use magnets too.

4. Colorful Magnets

Button magnets are not only fun to collect but great to use to keep longer notes, grocery lists or papers in place to remind you as you head out the door.

5. Old-School Pencils

Sometimes you just have to have an old school back up pencil that won’t fail you when in the middle of an exam. These bright pencils have fun, cheerful sayings engraved on them too!

6. Key Fob

You won't lose your car or dorm key when you have it attached to a larger fob, especially one this cute and can be carried on your wrist. These are a great reminder of home too with your favorite state or home town bucket list on it.

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