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January = Your Clean Slate this Year

January = Your Clean Slate this Year

A new year. A fresh page. A clean slate. I love that about January. Just like the blanket of snow we have here, January is a blank canvas ready to become whatever picture we can dream.

This year will look different than the last, in good ways and in ways I need to get used to. A year ago we were facing the court system with our son, full of fear and heartbreak, yet trying to be hopeful. It was the most difficult year our family has ever endured. Yet through it we have a story of hope and restored relationships, trust and renewed faith. We never know what a year will bring or how much life will change in a year.

This January our son will finish school early and finalize college plans. Our daughter is making plans to join a foreign exchange program for 6 months. I’m heading to NYC for my first wholesale trade show and my husband is making plans to run the Chicago Marathon. A lot of changes, a lot of new endeavors, and a lot more peace and hope for the future in our home.

You’re starting with a new canvas - what are you hopeful for in this new year? Start fresh, don’t let the disappointments and unexpected events of the past derail you as head into 2018. It’s time to write the next chapter and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

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