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Must Haves for the Perfect Picnic - Tandem For Two

Must Haves for the Perfect Picnic

It’s so much easier to whip together an impromptu picnic when you keep certain essentials on hand. You’ll always be ready to take advantage of getting outside on a nice day if you gather my favorite things!

1. Fun Tote Bag

If you’re heading out and need to feed a crowd or if it’s an intimate picnic date, grab the right side tote. A larger day tote can fit it all, but a mini tote is perfect for the beach or to fit in your bike basket when out for a ride.

2. Glass Storage Containers

I prefer glass containers and although they are slightly heavier to carry, they don’t absorb odors, do double duty as nice serving bowls, and they are better for the environment.

3. Turkish Picnic Blanket

I love Turkish towels since they thinner and fold up smaller which is great when getting to your picnic spot by biking or hiking and they are beautiful!

4. Insulated Drink Tumbler

I really like stainless-steel tumblers in all shapes and sizes. They keep your ice cold for such a long time and look nicer than plastic. You can dress them up even more with swizzle sticks if you’re serving cocktails on your picnic!

5. Eco-Friendly Napkins

Cloth napkins are a great way to make your picnic feel a little more special and are washable so they are eco-friendly.

6. Helpful Tea Towel

It’s always helpful to have an extra towel on hand to wipe up any spills that might happen. You can also use a tea towel to wrap around a bottle of wine when packing for your picnic.

7. Colorful Melamine Plates

I love to serve a lot of finger food, but some people prefer using plates. But they don’t have to be disposable or plain! Dress up your picnic with colorful melamine plates to make it a memorable day.

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