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Organized Gift Wrap Bin - Tandem For Two

Organized Gift Wrap Bin

I have a long, flat bin that I can slid under a bed or store on a shelf that contains all of my gift wrapping supplies in one place. I keep a roll of tape, a small pair of scissors and all of the things needed to wrap one present quickly or pull a marathon gift wrapping session. Either way, I can jump right in and not have to go all over the house gathering supplies.

1. Greeting Cards

Gather fun and unique greeting cards to give a little something extra to your present instead of just a name. Or you can take the opportunity to share your thoughts and love with someone you care about. Our family has this tradition on Christmas Eve.

2. Pens

I love my pens from Poppin. They are bright and colorful and now their latest colors are muted and soft. Whichever ones you pick, they write nicely and won’t run out before your cards and tags will.

3. Wrapping Paper

I wrap all of my presents each year with coordinated gift wrap. They look beautiful under the tree and help me know which side of the family gets which presents. One year I suppose I’ll have to use all the leftover pieces on the rolls.

4. Gift Tags

I love gift tags that aren’t too little and have enough room to write more than just a name if you want. Plus these cuties aren’t too feminine and coordinate with my Holiday Bucket List gift wrap.

5. Baker’s Twine

I use Baker’s twine for everything! originally created to tie bakery boxes, this twine has tons of uses. It is wrapped around my stationery set boxes, used on my gifts tags and I use it to hang ornaments. I’ve even trussed up turkey legs with it! I love the large spool you can get and I purchased a spool stand that has a blade at the top so you can cut quickly and not have to pull out a pair of scissors.

6. Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain is a type of ribbon that has prominent ribs because its weft is heavier than its warp. It is a plain weave with a matte appearance. I love using it to tie around packages because it isn’t slippery and is stiff enough to hold the shape of a bow well.

7. Ornaments

For years I have tied a little extra special something on to presents. Sometimes they are items gathered from outdoors like a sprig of spruce, pine cones, or a small branch or birch bark. When I am traveling and I spot an ornament that reminds me of someone I will tie that on instead. This has been a fun way to identify presents and build up my kids stash of ornaments for when they have their own home.

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