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Overnight It's Fall

Overnight It's Fall

Foggy Mornings

And just like that, overnight, it is fall in Michigan. The fog rolls in each morning since the air is now cooler than the ground but Lake Michigan holds the heat of summer, so we enjoy warmer days in our lakeshore town than our neighbors inland. The leaves have just started to turn here, with the occasional peek of oranges and reds. And my mornings on the porch now include a blanket and a heater to ward off the chill before the sun really does its work.

Continuing Traditions

We continued our tradition of apple picking but without kids this year as they are now grown. Instead we took friends who had never had the pleasure of sampling apples off the tree and enjoying an impromptu taste test in the orchard, but with a flight of apples instead of wine. Some are spicy and sharp tasting, some are so sweet and crisp they snap as you bite in. Other varieties are soft and mild, while another so tart we agreed it'd only be good for baking or sauce. We completed our hard work of picking, debating varieties, and pulling our haul by wagon to the car by enjoying donuts and cold cider. There really is nothing better than a freshly fried donut.

Season of Patience

Tonight I'll be making apple crisp and peeling apples to turn into sauce. I need to try making apple butter again, since I apparently wasn't patient enough last year and didn't let it cook long enough thicken to the right consistency.

This is a season of patience. We wait for the leaves to turn beautiful colors seemingly made that way just for our enjoyment. Our gardening patience is rewarded with the harvest. And we have the anticipation of the holiday season that is coming. But before we rush ahead, let's enjoy the little things this month that make this season unique.

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