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Simple Summer Dinner Party - Tandem For Two

Simple Backyard Dinner Party

Entertaining can seem like such a big deal or a daunting task. When you keep things on hand, you can decide at the last minute to invite friends over for dinner. Whether you are grilling or ordering pizza, you won’t be stressed and will enjoy gathering people together when you have my favorite things ready! Click on the highlighted links below to take you straight to the goods!

1. Enamel coated metal trays

I love my enamelware trays since they are so versatile. They work well as serving platters for a variety of appetizers or can fit a mountain of grilled food. Because they have a lip they also make a great tray to corral and cart a variety of items outdoors, like all of your condiments or serving utensils, or drinks.

2. Glass Ball Jars & Vintage Labels

I prefer to corral my napkins, paper straws, and utensils in a variety of vintage ball jars and tin cans. I repurposed cans of tomato sauce by covering them with vintage vegetable labels I got off of Etsy and Ebay. They look great at dinner and on my pantry shelf when storing them.

3. Swizzle Sticks & Paper Straws

Helpful when making cocktails, you can stir up your drinks with a swizzle stick. It not only mixes and dresses up your drinks, if you have a variety you can tell drinks apart by the swizzle they contain!

4. Eco-Friendly Napkins

Cloth napkins are a great way to make your dinner feel a little more special and are eco-friendly since they are washable.

5. Helpful Bar Towel

It’s always helpful to have an extra towel on hand to wipe up any spills that might happen. You can also use a bar towel as a pad for hot dishes or wrap around cold bottles (like wine) to insulate them.

6. Forget the Paper Products

You can make your outdoor dinner party feel festive but still easy with real dinner plates. They are better for the environment than disposable plates, yet easy to throw in the dishwasher. I like to use white plates so that they go with any occasion or holiday.

7. Campfire Mugs

I keep hot chocolate even through the summer along with my s’more supplies. A little after dinner coffee or hot chocolate by a fire in the backyard is a great way to finish the evening!

8. Easy Dessert

Take your s’mores up a notch and use chocolate covered graham crackers. You can make them ahead of time and dip them yourself in dark or milk chocolate and dry them on wax paper or find them at a local store. I get them from our local candy shop, but have seen them in Home Goods and TJ Maxx stores too.

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