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So much to be thankful for!

So much to be thankful for!

We have partnered with the The Birthday Party Project, a national non-profit organization that provides birthday parties for kids and their families staying in homeless shelters during their birthday. My family has always made a big deal about birthdays and love to celebrate. I can hardly imagine as a mom how hard it would be to want to celebrate your child but not have the means or a home to celebrate in.

During this pandemic, Birthdays-in-a-Bag (it’s the entire party in a bag - supplies, decorations, treats and presents!) have been provided for families and we have been donating 10% of the profits of each purchase made at Tandem For Two toward this terrific project. 

in 2021 with your donations, we provided over 75 Birthdays-in-a-Bag to kids in need across the US! Now that is worth celebrating!

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