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Things I Love: August 2016, Tandem For Two

Things I Love: August 2016

August seems to be the month of fitting in those last things on our bucket list before the season changes again. It’s a good month for a road trip! I have to say I love any kind of gizmo or tech gadget that makes life more fun or interesting and there are several that I love to bring along on a road trip.

I recently discovered a great app called Field Trip that feeds my inner need for information when I’m on the road or in a new place. You can choose to have the app notify you when interesting, unique or historical places of interest are nearby or you can just see on a map what is around you when in a new place. Each point of interest has an article giving more info and links for even more information. Such a cool app when exploring a new place!

If your family is like ours, each of us has several electronic devices that always need charging, especially on longer car trips. Have you ever needed to charge something that only has a wall plug? I found this great little device called the Power Cup Inverter. It fits in your cup holder and has two wall outlets and a USB outlet and converts the power from your car battery for your electronic devices.

When my sister and I went on an antiquing road trip we brought along a Jet Boil. It’s a fantastic hot pot that heats water to boiling over a little propane tank. We had hot water for tea, coffee and soup within two minutes! Bring along one of my Bucket List mugs and you have the perfect combination while on the road.

I have always taken pictures of our travels and adventures ever since I was a kid. I would lug my heavy film camera and I still bring my DSLR when traveling, but when I want to travel light I usually use my iPhone. I found this fun attachment, that I think I might have to splurge on and get. It’s called Prynt—it's a printer that attaches right to your phone and prints out polaroid-style photos within minutes. It slips right on to your phone and doesn’t add much bulk, yet you can instantly have your photos in hand. It also records video while you are taking your pictures, so your moment is captured in a different way. I love this entire concept and cannot wait to try it out!

Do you have any road trips planned this month? What things do you always use or can’t live without when on the road?


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