Our Mission

owner Jennifer and dog MaxAs I ride through this life, I've discovered that I'd rather ride tandem - with someone else. We need each other and it's okay to rely on each other. 

I believe we all deserve to celebrate, make memories and feel that we belong.

But I have so many friends who are intimidated to entertain, don't have enough time, and don't want the stress. So I created the Gather Home collection - coordinated products that make it easy and a free step-by-step party plan to make it happen for everyone.

My husband and I invite friends over often to grill pizza on a Friday night, hang around the bonfire on the patio, or to enjoy cocktails on the front porch. Sometimes my gatherings are planned, while others are impromptu and I want you to feel comfortable doing the same. 

You will have more confidence, less stress, and enjoy making memories with your friends and family. And you will also party with a purpose, because 10% of each purchase will give homeless kids a birthday party through The Birthday Party Project, a national non-profit organization. Now that's a great way to ride tandem through this life together!