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Giving back - #tandembikelife

My logo is inspired by our 1968 orange tandem bike that I found in a Midwest farmer's barn while on a yard sale road trip with my sister. It is such a great symbol of how we ride in this life together.

I want to live the #tandembikelifeI don't just mean riding my bike around our beach town, although I love being able to do that! We aren't in this life alone and I want to lean on others and be leaned on. Sometimes we have to pedal harder and let someone coast because they need the rest. Or we need extra strength from someone because of the rough road we're on.  In this little business of mine, I lean and rely on a lot of people. I wouldn't be doing what I am today without the help of others.

Every year, we give 10% of our profits to support homeless, refugee, and disaster efforts for those who need it most in our communities locally and around the world. We're all on this journey, so isn't better if we ride together? Live the #tandembikelife with us!

Tandem For Two is happy to hear of ways you'd like us to help in your community. We review all requests. Contributions most often take the form of product donations and on some occasions, through volunteering time and other resources. Please feel free to contact us and tell us about your organization, its objectives, and what you're requesting. Please also include proof of nonprofit status as a charitable organization registered under the US Internal Revenue rode 501(c)(3), government institution, or school.