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Discover the Versatility of  the Gmail + Trick

Discover the Versatility of the Gmail + Trick

Do you find yourself juggling multiple email addresses, drowning in a flood of messages from various sources? We all do! But there's a solution that can revolutionize your email management experience: the Gmail + trick.

What exactly is the Gmail + trick? 

It's a simple yet powerful technique known as "plus addressing" that allows you to create unique email aliases within your existing Gmail account. By adding a "+" symbol followed by any word or combination of characters to your username before the "@" symbol, you can receive emails sent to these aliases directly in your main inbox.

For example, if your email is janedoe@gmail.com, you can create aliases like janedoe+friends@gmail.com, janedoe+business@gmail.com, janedoe+shopping@gmail.com, and janedoe+subscriptions@gmail.com, among others. Each alias serves a specific purpose, from personal matters to professional communications, finances, online purchases, and subscriptions.

So, what are the benefits of using the Gmail + trick?

Organize Your Inbox: 

Tired of digging through a cluttered inbox? With Gmail plus addressing, you can set up filters to automatically label and categorize emails sent to each alias. This means your personal, work, financial, and subscription emails can be neatly organized in their respective folders, making it easier to find important messages when you need them.

Identify Spam Sources: 

Spam emails can be a nuisance, but with the Gmail alias trick, you can track who is sharing your information with third parties without your consent. If a specific alias starts receiving spam, you can create filters, mark it as junk, or unsubscribe, helping you regain control over your inbox.

Facilitate Testing Environments: 

Developers and email marketers can benefit from using Gmail plus addressing to create unlimited test email addresses without managing multiple accounts. This simplifies testing processes and keeps test-related correspondence organized.

Track Customer Interactions:

For business owners, using aliases like janedoe+client1@gmail.com allows you to track and personalize customer interactions. You can organize emails, add contacts, record details, create tasks, and more, enhancing your client engagement strategies.

    Additionally, you can use dots in place of a plus sign within your email address to categorize and filter emails while maintaining delivery to your primary inbox. I have found this is a great feature that helps keep me organized and works if you have a personal or workspace account. However, if you have your own domain assigned to a gmail address, then you have to create and set up an alias email and can't use the + trick.

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