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10 Healthy Lunch Ideas - tandemfortwo.com

10 Healthy Lunch Ideas

My kids have been packing their own lunches for years now. Although I have given in occasionally to purchasing not-so-healthy but easy-to-grab items for their lunches, I am proud to say that lately they have been adding healthier items to my weekly grocery list and cutting out processed items on their own. I think if we consistently offer healthy choices in our fridge and pantries, they will eventually get used to it. But it’s hard thinking coming up with new ideas all the time, so here are a few favorites at our house:

1. Granola with fresh or dried fruit - try blueberries or dried cherries (our fav is Nature Valley Granola Crunch or Bear Naked Granola)

2. Cheese or cheese & chicken quesadillas - (microwave and cut them into wedges before packing). They are good cold!

3. Hummus with baby cucumbers and carrots or mini peppers

4. Apples and peanut butter

5. Hard-boiled and peeled eggs with a mix of veggies and fruit

Lunch box notes - tandemfortwo.com

6. Frozen yogurt bark - spread yogurt in an even layer on wax paper and sprinkle fruit like chopped strawberries or blueberries and add mini chocolate chips (if desired) all over and freeze for at least 4 hours. break apart and store in the freezer

7. Chicken wraps - use canned chicken or grill up some tenders for the week and pack them with pieces of romaine and sliced carrots

8. Anything in a pita pocket or tortilla is fun - chicken salad (we use canned chicken with a little mayo), tuna salad, egg salad, even pb and jelly or ham and cheese. If having salad, then pack in a separate container with a fork and let them put it together at lunch so it doesn’t get soggy

9. Anything on a stick is even better! Make fruit skewers, grilled cold chicken, or sausage and cheese cubes, even pb&j sandwiches can be alternated on a stick with strawberries or blueberries

10. Fruit with nutella makes a yummy dessert - try strawberries or bananas


    It’s so good, and so easy!

    Great ideas! I’ve never heard of frozen yoghurt bark before but I’m definitely trying it – sounds delicious!

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