10 Healthy Lunch Ideas - tandemfortwo.com

10 Healthy Lunch Ideas

My kids have been packing their own lunches for years now. Although I have given in occasionally to purchasing not-so-healthy but easy-to-grab items for their lunches, I am proud to say that lately they have been adding healthier items to my weekly grocery list and cutting out processed items on their own.
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September = Start Something New - tandemfortwo.com

September = Start Something New

I have always bought myself a back to school outfit in the month of September. Sounds funny, right? I mean our kids are heading back to school, some are leaving for college or work, and we are just continuing the regular routine of our job or stay-at-home schedule. Our kids are the ones getting all the new school supplies, new dorm decor, backpacks and lunchboxes, but what about us?
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How to Pack the Essential Road Trip Tote - tandemfortwo.com

How to Pack the Essential Road Trip Tote

I love a good road trip and I’m a planner, so I always pack a tote to have accessible in the car and to help me be ready for everything!
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August = Time for a Road Trip - tandemfortwo.com

August = Time for a Road Trip

August always makes me feel like I have to cram in the last everything before summer comes to a screeching halt. Somehow I always seem to forget that life along Lake Michigan allows us to extend summer into September.
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How to Create an Awesome S'mores Spread - tandemfortwo.com

How to Create an Awesome S'mores Spread

There is always room for s’mores, whether we are camping, sitting around the backyard fire pit, or the fireplace in the middle of winter. I love to incorporate different flavors instead of the classic Hershey bar and marshmallow - so set up a spread of options and try these new combinations!
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July = Enjoy an Outdoor Oasis - tandemfortwo.com

July = Enjoy an Outdoor Oasis

We spend a lot of time hanging out and entertaining on our front porch. Since our summers are short, we eat dinner out there just about every night in the summer. We enjoy our morning coffee, reading the news and waving to early morning walkers. Afternoon porch parties are fun too and take advantage of our sunny days. Because we enjoy our porch so much, we neglected our backyard...
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How To Build the Best Taco Fiesta Bar - tandemfortwo.com

How To Build the Best Taco Fiesta Bar

Hosting a crowd? Make it easy (and delicious!) with a festive taco/burrito/nacho bar. The prep work makes your day of entertaining easy and you can spend all your time with your guests!
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June = Celebrate the Milestones - tandemfortwo.com

June = Celebrate the Milestones

Maybe you're a parent and you have toddlers learning to explore, kids moving from one grade to another, or young adults graduating. Or perhaps you’re about to become a grandparent for the first time or a multiple time. It seems that no matter what stage in life we are at there are always milestones to celebrate.
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6 ways to pick the perfect gift - tandemfortwo.com

6 Ways to Pick the Perfect Gift

Some people seem to be a natural at always giving the perfect gift. But for some of us it’s a struggle to find just the right gift. We’ve got some ideas for you to make gift giving easier and fun!
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May = I Just Called to Say I Love You - tandemfortwo.com

May = I Just Called to Say I Love You

Yes, Stevie Wonder is singing in my head as I think about this month. May is full of milestones to celebrate in my family and I am looking forward to a busy month ahead. We kick it off with celebrating my daughter's birthday, then we throw in prom and our anniversary - and that’s just one weekend! Then it’s Mother’s Day followed by my nephew’s birthday, my son’s graduation from high school, his graduation party and Memorial Day. Whew!
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10 Ways to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Everyday - tandemfortwo.com

10 Ways to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Everyday

It’s the little things that can make your day, right? Seeing a stranger be kind to someone else, being the recipient yourself, or taking the time to help someone can change your perspective and attitude for the whole day.
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April = Time for Something New - tandemfortwo.com

April = Time for Something New

Spring signals change in the air. It is a turning point. Blooms are struggling to the surface, buds fighting to open. Beauty comes from what’s hard. Some seasons are like that…hard, long, cold, but what comes out of that time can be beautiful.
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