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10 Ways to Have a Great Road Trip!

10 Ways to Have a Great Road Trip!

I love me a good road trip! There's just something about filling up the gas tank, loading a few supplies in the car and taking off to explore. Here's my top 10 ways to make it a great trip!

  1. Find and stop at the “world’s largest” anything. World’s largest corn maze? Giant Blue Ox?
  2. Stop at all the small town advertised places. We have Sea Shell City and The Mystery Spot - what unique places can you find?
  3. Pack lightly so there’s room for souvenirs. Make it a contest who can pack in the smallest bag!
  4. Bring cash for toll roads - don’t forget change too!
  5. Play your own made up road games - how many cows have you passed, craziest billboard, how many different state license plates can you spot?
  6. Let someone know back home where you stop along the way. Travel safe and smart!
  7. Ask locals where they would eat. We have always had the best meals this way.
  8. Drink lots of water. We don’t always eat the best while on a road trip, so we can at least feel a little better.
  9. Pick some fun music that you can all agree to listen to - nothing bonds us better than singing along to a song.
  10. Take lots of pictures (and not ones just for social media)!
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