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5 Great Care Package Ideas

5 Great Care Package Ideas

Everyone loves to get mail and a surprise package is even better! You don’t have to spend a lot to let someone know you are thinking about them. Decorate your care package with doodles, stickers, and funny quotes. You can wrap each item or put sticky notes on them with the reason these things made you think of them. Download and print out our cute care package labels to make shipping and decorating easy!

"College" Package
Kids are excited to head off to college, but may be homesick too. Give them a taste of home with some family snapshots or of the family pet, colored leaves falling in your yard, or sand from your nearby beach in a small jar. Add in some snacks like granola bars, microwave popcorn, hot cocoa, instant oatmeal, mints and gum and you’ve got a fun and appreciated package to tell them they are missed.

"Not Home for the Holidays" Package
Can’t be together for the holidays? Send a desktop Christmas tree (they come packaged in a tube) and mini ornaments or a mini Menorah. Small strings of lights or small stuffed stocking are nice touches too. Family favorite treats like homemade candy and cookies are always a good idea!

Care Package Labels from Tandem For Two

"New Job" or "Just Moved" Package
Send some homemade cookies or sweet bread, a treat from your hometown bakery, or Girl Scout cookies along with gift cards to stores and restaurants in their new town. You can print menus to local restaurants and take-out places. Include a gift card to a local grocery store or bog box store so they can buy supplies as they get settled. Quick lunch and coffee gift cards are always great too.

"Cold Care" Package
When you’re sick and not in the same town, a care package is not only a surprise, but helpful too! Soft cloth handkerchiefs (for sore noses), assorted cold medicines, herbal tea and honey, kleenex pocket packs, cough drops, lip balm, and instant soup will brighten someone’s (sick) day.

"Just Because" Package
Have a themed box where everything is one color or their favorite color or choose a color around a holiday (orange for Halloween, red for Valentine’s day, green around St. Patrick’s Day, yellow or pastels at Easter). You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find multiple things of the same color! You can include snacks and candy, little games like playing cards, silly putty, legos and matchbox cars, notepads and sticky notes, pens and clips, and socks. Make sure you wrap the items in colored tissue paper too!

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