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5 Ways To Get A Little Culture in Your Summer

5 Ways To Get A Little Culture in Your Summer

1. Head to your nearest National Park
We have 59 National Parks and 14 National Seashores and Lakeshores, 51 National Historical Parks, and 129 National Monuments. Add in the 89 National Historic Sites and there is bound to be one near you!

2. Enjoy some live music
Summer is such a great time for outdoor music. There are always concerts to go to, but plenty of towns have free local music throughout the week. Pack a picnic and enjoy the sounds!

3. See an art exhibit
Many art museums have special traveling exhibits that are only there for a short time or programs specifically for kids. Not interested in portraiture or modern art? Find a sculpture garden or park to spend an afternoon at. Make it like a scavenger hunt and see how many different things you can find.

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4. Attend a festival
The US has thousands of festivals in towns across the country. Just looking at music festivals alone, 32 million people go to at least one in the US every year. From your local fruits and vegetables, favorite food and drinks, to art and cultures, there is something to celebrate by everyone!

5. Spend a day at a museum
From those in major cities to even the smallest town, there are plenty of museums across the US - 35,000 in fact. From a local history and science, to sports or memorabilia, there is plenty to learn about.

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