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6 Easy Ways to Declutter and Simplify

6 Easy Ways to Declutter and Simplify

It ’s a new year and the perfect time to implement a change - less clutter = less stuff to think about or keep track of. So let’s clear out a few things and not be overwhelmed doing it!

1. Start small

Start with one drawer, one shelf, one bin. That will add up to one closet, one area, one room…you get the idea. We don’t have to tackle it all at once, otherwise we might not even start!

2. Fit decluttering into your routine

This doesn’t have to be a monumental, one-weekend a year consuming thing. Don’t let the mail stack up, deal with it as you get it. While making a meal, clean out the kitchen junk drawer or pull out a bag and put unused kitchen items in it. Than after dinner take it to your car so you can donate it the next day - you don’t need it sitting around longer!

3. Decide quickly - no deliberating

Hold an object and decide, trash, keep or give? If you hesitate (and seem to keep doing that), then create a "maybe bin" that you put all those items in and then seal that up and store it away. If you forget what’s in it in 6 months, then donate the entire bin - you didn’t miss those things enough to keep them!

4. Does it bring you joy?

This is was and odd question at first, but with clothes, home decor, and books, I find it super helpful. Too many times I hang onto stuff that I might wear again or might read again. Instead I ask if it brings me joy right now and if not, then why shouldn’t I give it to someone who it might bring joy to them?

New year, new goals - tandemfortwo.com

5. Organize as you go

Now that I’ve edited my closet/drawer/shelf/bin, I should organize it as I put away what I’ve kept instead of just shoving it back in the drawer or bin. If I can see it and it’s accessible, then I’ll be more likely to use it and value it.

6. Feel good about what you’ve accomplished big or small!

Think about the people you are helping when you donate high quality, gently used goods. Smile because you have less to take care of!

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