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6 Gift Ideas for the Graduate

6 Gift Ideas for the Graduate

Spring fever is in the air and students are getting ready to be done with school. Do you have a graduate in your life, whether it’s from high school or secondary school? Here are our favorite ideas on what would be a great gift for this special time in life.

1. Gifts that remind them of home and their hometown

Mugs, totes, wall art or pillows for their dorm room or first apartment that depict their hometown are great ways to help them decorate and not be homesick.

2. Gifts that helps with upcoming expenses

Every college student needs to buy books, so try a gift card to Amazon. Fill up a new laundry basket with detergent, dry sheets and rolls of quarters. Or put dish detergent, dish towels and rent money in a dish drying rack. Practical, but super helpful gifts!

3. Gifts that help prepare for independence

Everyone can use a tool box and tools, cooking utensils and kitchen staples, or office supplies. A computer bag or briefcase or backpack for school or a nice overnight bag also make helpful gifts.

4. Gifts that help them to cook for themselves

Put together a cookbook of your favorite recipes or their families favorites. Write it yourself or get several people to handwrite on recipe cards. They'll enjoy a taste of home and you’ll know they are eating somewhat healthy.

Springtime Gift Tags, Tandem For Two

5. A gift of jewelry to mark the milestone

A nice watch, necklace, ring, earrings or even cufflinks will always be memorable.

6. A gift of your time is always well spent

Take the graduate out for a nice lunch or dinner, on a weekend trip, or an afternoon out. Don’t miss out on the last opportunity you may have for a while to spend a little time with them.

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