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6 ways to pick the perfect gift - tandemfortwo.com

6 Ways to Pick the Perfect Gift

Some people seem to be a natural at always giving the perfect gift. But for some of us it’s a struggle to find just the right gift. We’ve got some ideas for you to make gift giving easier and fun!

1) Make a list of all the hobbies and interests of your gift recipient. Then think of and write down all the little and big things that go with the activities and interests on your list. Obviously, you won’t give a lot of these ideas, but you might be surprised by the unique ideas you come up with. My teenage son was given a gift of everything bacon by his aunt - pretty unique!

2) Think practically and ask yourself what the person needs. That may sound pretty basic, but some of the best gifts meet a need that the receiver didn’t even think about. Busy, young mom? Giver her the gift of time by creating a gift certificate to watch her children and go for a coffee or massage.

3) Give something personal. A handmade gift can be unexpected and meaningful. Are you artistic or a knitter - give something you’ve created. Do you work with wood or bake? One Christmas my son gave me a pen holder that he hand carved and stained and it is so precious to me.

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4) What is an experience you can give? Some people truly do seem to have everything, so give them an event to experience instead. Take them to a spa, a concert or a show. Plan an outing, adventure or picnic. The gift of shared time is always great!

5) What is something from their past they would treasure? Are there things from their childhood memories that would make them smile? A favorite book or concert t-shirt? How about framing old pictures or their diploma? I’ve saved my kids favorite shirts and sport jerseys from childhood to make a quilt when they graduate.

6) Make the present an experience to open. Are you on a budget and found a lot of smaller items to give? Wrap them individually and present them in a special box or make a gift basket. Leave clues to follow to find their hidden gift. Or wrap a small gift in a variety of boxes that fit inside each other. Opening presents is fun so don’t forget to celebrate the experience too!

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