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August = Finish summer with a bang!

August = Finish summer with a bang!

Summer goes by entirely too fast. Goes isn’t even the best word: zooms, runs, swims, bikes. Whatever we filled our summer with, we always seem to run out of time to do it all before we get in the back-to-school mode. We have one more month - let’s hit the rest of our bucket list!

What did you not do enough of or haven’t gotten to do yet? I haven’t gotten to the beach nearly often enough yet. My kids are older and I no longer keep beach toys in the car for impromptu stops at the beach. Gone are the days of daily play dates in the sand. I have gotten to the beach twice to sink my toes in the sand and soak up some vitamin C. I need a few more afternoons of that before the lake turns cooler.

The entire month of July went by and I didn’t have a single porch party like I said I would. My Fridays were filled with other fun activities, but in August I want to gather girlfriends and give us all a little time to relax from our busy schedules. I want to pamper them with yummy food and drinks and allow us to time to catch up, share, and encourage each other for a little while.

I’ve been dreaming all summer of taking my son on a road trip. To hop in the car with him and drive out west without much of an agenda has been on my secret bucket list. I broached the subject early in the summer and I wasn’t completely rebuffed which, with a teenage son, was a definite possibility. Now as summer has gone on, job schedules have filled up and time with friends becomes more important, this idea has taken a back seat. I am putting this out here to force myself to take a leap, ask, and carve out time to make this happen.

What do you want to do before the season changes? Let’s be intentional with our time and check off some things from our bucket list this month!

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