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Stress-Free Sunday Brunch

Let’s Celebrate with Brunch!

What a great way to start off a new week, by slowing down and lingering over a mid-day meal with your favorite people. Hosting a brunch can be very low key and informal, which means no stress for you and lots of enjoyment for everyone!

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the secret to easily pulling off any event. Decide on a menu, make a list of all the items you need to make, prep all of the food (chopped fruit or veggies, baked good bought or made), and then gather all the serving dishes.

Make Ahead

Since brunch really centers on the food, make sure you have a mix of savory and sweet items, baked goods and main dishes. You don’t want to be up at the crack of dawn, so make or purchase everything ahead of time. That’s right - you don’t have to bake everything from scratch - people just want to be together over good food. Purchase pastries or bagels from a local bakery, make an overnight quiche, breakfast casserole, or baked french toast to keep things simple. You can bake dishes that morning and keep them warm in a 200 degree oven until guests arrive. Add some fresh fruit you cut the night before and you are all set!

Set-up Ahead

You don’t want to rush the morning of or get up early, so set the table, layout all serving dishes you will need, assemble enough chairs and set up a coffee station. Do everything you can the night before, so the morning of you are just following the last minute game plan for a stress-free morning!

Brunch Beverages

Coffee and Orange Juice are always nice or you can spice things up with a pitcher of Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas. My favorite go to is Cranberry Juice with Orange Juice and sparkling wine - it’s really pretty easy to pour a bottle into a pitcher with 2 cups of Cranberry Juice and 1 cup of OJ! And it’s so yummy.

Brunch Bar

Instead of serving coffee in a carafe, you can set up a Coffee Bar where everyone can casually serve themselves, and you can spend more time enjoying your guests. Just set up an area with mugs, spoons, sugar and creamers, and an assortment of teas and hot cocoa. You can do the same with a Toaster Station, by gathering an assortment of bagels and breads, jams and butter and spreads. Or make a Yogurt Bar by setting out bowls of granola, fresh fruit, nuts and plain yogurt so guests can make their own creations. 

Time to Relax

The entire point of gathering together is to enjoy a relaxed mid-day meal and start off the week with friends and family. By prepping everything ahead of time and following a game plan the morning of, you won’t spend all of your time in the kitchen, but will be relaxed and enjoying food and drinks with your friends!

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