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Celebrate with Outdoor Cocktails!

Celebrate with Outdoor Cocktails!

Always be ready to take advantage of nice weather and keep items stocked so you can fix up some beverages for friends and family whether it’s planned or impromptu!

Keep Items on Hand 

I prefer to avoid disposable products when I can, so acrylic glasses are a great outdoor option. Using acrylic swizzle sticks are fun for not only mixing drinks, but also for telling them apart! Cloth napkins are another eco-friendly option since they're washable and I corral all of my items easily on a tray to transport outside.

Or Plan Ahead

If you know that you’ll have guests over, buy fresh fruit and herbs (like mint or basil) to elevate your drinks and have sparkling juice on hand for the kids or those who prefer something non-alcoholic. 

Time to Serve

Serve various nuts or fruit in small bowls, so guests will have a little something to snack on. I like to create drinks in one large serving pitcher and carry it outside on a large tray with napkins, straws and snack bowls so you take fewer trips. Background music and outdoor lights always make things festive. If you don’t have a porch or patio to gather on, make a grouping of chairs in your front or side yard - it’s the time spent together that counts the most!

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