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Change is in the Air - Tandem For Two

Change is in the Air

Living Near the Big Lake

I’ve noticed since I moved to our beach town, how much our weather is affected by living near a big lake. Lake Michigan impacts the seasons, the temperature, and even creates it’s own weather. Those outside of the Midwest don’t realize how much an inland lake can be like the ocean with it’s currents and tide and power. I love our Great Lakes and can’t imagine not living near water, but we really can’t underestimate them.

It Gets Chilly

This time of year though, I feel change is in the air. More than one August the weather has changed on a dime. The lake literally inverts it’s layers and our lake and air temperatures dip from warm to cool overnight. We always seem to have warm days ahead during what we call Indian Summer in September (those are the best days to go to the empty beach!), but August can get down right chilly.

Change is Coming

It seems like it is nature’s way to signal that it’s time for a change in season. It begins to prepare us for the changes ahead. Not just cooler weather, but a pulling away from beach days, a change in our more relaxed schedule and vacation mode. Kids are winding down their summer jobs and heading back to college. School sports teams and bands start practices and students are looking ahead to standardized test prep and college applications. You certainly are reminded that change is coming in all the retail stores as they advertise back-to-school clothes and supplies.

Throw on a Sweatshirt

I love to look ahead and really don’t mind change. I think I’d be bored if my seasons and days all looked the same. Having something to look forward to can be a good thing! But I don’t want to rush by the moments and want to make sure we enjoy the here and now. The lake may cool off, but I’m throwing on a sweatshirt and spending time at the beach anyway. My daughter may be starting practices and study prep, but we are still fitting in several road trips and a camping weekend. Even though change is in the air and I look forward to them, I am savoring each day as it is.


I completely agree! I love the light in August!

Living in Ludington for the summer when August comes it’s such a welcome relief! The crowds thin out and we can actually get into restaurants and shops ( what few we have!). The best part of August for me though is the light. It’s so mellow and the sunsets can be breathtaking!

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