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Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

You can choose your own adventure

When I was a kid, I devoured books. In the summer, I would come home from our local library with a huge stack, lay on our pink and blue plaid couch in our air conditioned living room with the stack next to me on the floor. The books would reach to the top of the seat cushion, so I could easily take one from the stack and start reading.

I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure series. You not only could get lost in those imaginative and far off places, but at the end of every chapter, you had a choice. Which direction should you go? Which ending will you end up with?

I remember reading those books with my fingers stuck in every few pages because I didn't want to miss a single option or potential outcome. I literally read those books until each and every possible combination of scenarios and choices was exhausted. I was so curious that I didn't want to miss a thing!

Enjoy places like a local

I think about that with places I travel to now. I research places before I plan to visit until I feel I have exhausted all possibilities of places to stay, attractions to see, foods to eat, and local culture to experience. There are so many places in the world to experience that I assume I won't be back to a place twice, so I want to enjoy it like a local while I am there.

Don't have to go far to be curious

That's what is at the heart of my town and state bucket list's. My husband and I love the town we've adopted as our own and chose to raise our kids in, so it was natural that my first bucket list celebrated all of the fun things to see and experience in our community. With over 250 town and state bucket lists now created, that is a lot of places I want to celebrate and explore! Sometimes they are a road trip away and some are as close as the town next door...we don't necessarily have to go far to be curious, enjoy new things, and create memories with those we travel.

You get to choose your own adventure. In this new year, I hope you celebrate where you live & where life takes you!

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