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Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor - Tandem For Two

Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decor

Bring some holiday spirit into your bedroom! Simple and easy additions to your existing bedroom decor will make it holiday ready without breaking your budget.

1. Plaid pillowcases

New pillowcases freshen a room and plaid instantly makes your space feel cozy and holiday-ready! Sticking to a budget? Only buy the cases and not the entire sheet set.

2. Throw pillow

Splurge on a cute holiday pillow that will stand out and can be used in any room in the house. When the season is over take off and store the removable case and replace it with another cover!

3. Wood tray

Pull the wood tray that you used for occasional entertaining out of storage and outfit it with coffee so you’ll linger in bed on the weekends!

4. Christmas coffee mugs

Holiday mugs are not only a great gift but an easy and inexpensive way to bring a little holiday cheer into any space.

5. Mini Christmas tree

Who says a Christmas tree is only for the main rooms? Bring a small tree into your space and it will make you smile at the end of a long day.

6. Velvet Quilt

Complete the holiday look in your bedroom with a velvet quilt that will keep you cozy all season!

7. Holiday tea towels

A tea towel (fancy dish towel or bar towel) is great to use under hot mugs and to wipe up any spills. Layer our Christmas towels with plaid ones for a fun look.

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