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December = I'm Choosing Joy, Tandem For Two

December = I'm Choosing Joy

I just wrote my annual Christmas letter to our friends that we don’t see as often as we’d like to. It caused me to reflect on our past year like it does every year. But this year has been quite a year. One filled with things that we didn’t expect and didn’t want to go through, but became part of our story anyway. My son recently told me that he didn’t want to go through what he did and wished he hadn’t put the rest of our family through it either, but now he wouldn’t take it back because of where he and our family are at today. He wouldn’t take it back. He is better and we are better because of the experience. How often do we want to take things back or have regrets?

Instead of regrets, I’m filled with gratitude. I’m grateful for our family and the moments we've shared together - even the hard ones and the few and far between ones. I’m grateful to be married to a guy who I’m stronger with rather than apart. I’m grateful for our kids and the life lessons they have learned this year and the young adults they are turning into. We have all felt overwhelming support from our friends and family and community this year. Our kids have seen first hand the power of prayer, the love of family, and that no matter what we face, we’re not in this life alone. Our family is so much closer now more than ever and I am so grateful!

It’s sometimes easier to let all that is wrong impact our days and our outlook rather than taking time to unearth a few things that we can appreciate in the middle of life’s junk. In this season of hope and light, what are some things you can be grateful for? How can we bring this perspective to others who don’t have it, especially in a season that can be filled with so much joy but pain too? I want to be a joy spreader in this season!


Mary – thanks so much for saying so! I’ve been thinking about you guys with the wildfires. Hoping you and yours are safe!

Diane – thanks and I’m so glad you love your life! I can say that too!

I LOVE this post, Jennifer! It resonates with me on so many levels. You know that my life as it is isn’t what I would choose, yet today, I found myself driving down the road when this thought came to mind, “I love my life.” When we choose JOY amazing things happen.

P.S. The email “boot” worked. I’m now subscribed AND getting the newsletter. :)

Love you. It is great to hear from you. I care!!

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