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Enjoy the In-Between

Enjoy the In-Between

False Spring

The idea of Spring always seems to bloom in the hearts of those of us who life in the Midwest by this time of year. It seems reasonable, since it is March after all. But mother nature often has other ideas here in the Midwest, so you never know if the snow melt signals the arrival of a true spring, a false spring, or if there is a second winter yet to come.

During the past weeks, we've had temperatures in the high 40's and you would have thought it was summer from all the people out with no coats on. People commented on the "balmy" weather and the gorgeous sunshine. It always amazes me how 45 degrees feels frigid in the fall and welcomed with open arms in the spring.

True Spring

But we're ready. By this time of year we've had 4 solid months of dark days. Some of us haven't seen daylight when driving to and from work, or we eat breakfast and dinner in the dark. I feel like we go into hibernation-mode. Our family has pajamas on by 7 pm and we're ready for some down time after dinner and an early bedtime. In the summer, we are just getting started at 7 pm and often head out after dinner for evening bike rides, walks along the boardwalk, ice cream runs, or music in the park.

Season of In-Between

Those days will come again, just as sure as the snow melts and buds fight their way up through the soil. But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy these beautifully sunny days and equally enjoy our cozy nights snuggled on the couch as a family by 7 pm. True spring days are yet to come, and when they do I will enjoy them too. But this season, this season of in-between, is still here and probably will be for a while, so I plan to make the most of it. There are great things to enjoy in-between too.

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