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February 2018 = Give Out Little Gifts of Love, Tandem For Two

February = Give Out Little Gifts of Love

I’ve been rereading a book with a group of friends about how each of us feel love and how we see this develop in our children and teens. I find it fascinating how each of us are wired in unique ways and how you can see attributes of an individuals personality even at a really young age. I could see early on that one of my kids loved to snuggle and be touching when we sat on the couch and when sick, just wanted to be near others. My other child lit up with a huge smile anytime a compliment or encouragement was given. A harsh word would stick around all day long. But as one child wanted to be touched, the other can just tolerate hugs and as the other felt the sting of harsh words for a long time, the other let it roll off. Each of them needs something different.

My kids have figured out that I love to spend time with them - I’ll even settle for doing work in the same room together, just as long as we are together. They give me little gifts of love every so often. My daughter is very comfortable spending time by herself and as an introvert needs that time to recharge. But she knows I crave time together, so she will ask me to go for coffee and shopping or do dinner and movie. My son has asked me to go for hikes or to go for coffee and a drive. (Coffee is a theme with my kids). They are little gifts of love they offer to me.

How can we offer little gifts of love to others? Let’s figure out how our friends and family members are wired and what will best communicate that we care about them and they aren’t alone!

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