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Fun-Filled & Stress-Free Grilled Pizza Night

Fun-Filled & Stress-Free Grilled Pizza Night

This Fall is already shaping up to look differently than in past years. Instead of being disappointed that things aren't the same, let's celebrate! Let's enjoy the slower pace, take advantage of a less busy schedule and plan to enjoy time with your family and friends. So fire up the grill, get a bonfire going, grab my favorite things to make entertaining easy and get everyone involved in making a memorable evening!

Savory & Sweet Pizza Recipes

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of homemade dough or grilled pizza. It truly is quick and easy and pretty fool-proof! So get my step-by-step instructions and get the party started!

Cloth Napkins & Bar Towels

Pizza can equal a saucey mess, so I keep napkins and towels on hand and I love to use cloth ones that can just be thrown in the wash at the end of the night. Bar towels are great to use when working with a hot pizza stone too!

Coffee Mugs & Serving Carafes

On cool evenings around the bonfire, I love to serve hot cocoa for the kids and coffee with a little something extra for the adults. Might as well have fun mugs that fit the activity and using an insulated carafe to keep beverages hot is a great way for a host to not miss the gathering!

Gathering Together

We are going to create dinner together and laugh as we roll dough and get warm by the bonfire. We are going to relax with each other and enjoy a warm drink and watch as the sun sets. We might even break out the cards and play a game or two or we might go home early because it’s been a long week. However the evening is spent, we will have gathered together for a short while and checked in with each other. Our kids will get to play and laugh with us and our teens will see what it’s like to not go through life alone. And we will all go to bed that night full and satisfied and loved. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend a Friday night.

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