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April = Go Fly a Kite + Make Time For Fun

April = Go Fly a Kite + Make Time For Fun

It’s getting warmer, the birds are back and chirping, and we see our neighbors outdoors again (at least that’s how it seems here in the Midwest). When my kids were younger, spring also meant getting kites and heading to our beach and trying to catch a wind gust to get them to fly. Lots of giggles, fun and general silliness ensued, all while enjoying a beautiful view of the lake. These were the days before spring sports filled our schedule or before teenage jobs and friends occupied their time.

Now days I wonder how often do our kids or even as families do we take time to “fly a kite” or to do something, anything, that doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money, but is a great way to spend time together? It is harder as my kids gets older, but we can convince them to take time (and we can quit working long enough) to go for a walk at our local park, go of a coffee at the local shop, or throw the ball around for our dog together.

Tandem For Two Freebie


We all need to weave more downtime into our busy lives. We feel pressure from our jobs and schedules and our kids certainly do too, so now it is even more important. Let’s show our kids ways we can destress and make time for each other. And we can create a few memories along the way.

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