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How to Pack the Essential Road Trip Tote - tandemfortwo.com

How to Pack the Essential Road Trip Tote

I love a good road trip and I’m a planner, so I always pack a tote to have accessible in the car and to help me be ready for everything!

Several of us in our family get hangry if we go too long without fueling up! We may splurge on the occasional candy, but I like to have snacks on had that won’t make us feel cruddy afterwards.

Snack ideas

Freeze-dried fruit, seeds and nuts, trail mix, granola bars, mints/gum, travel coffee tumbler and coffee gift cards (or starbucks app)

My kids might want to have their ear buds in the entire trip, but I like to mix it up and get us all involved along the way.

Entertainment ideas

Books, magazines, mad libs, deck of cards, car bingo game, awesome playlist of tunes we can all sing along, charging cords

I keep a kit in the car at all times with some essentials so we’re prepared for anything!

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Personal Care ideas

First aid kit, bug spray, hand sanitizer, pain relief, allergy meds, motion sickness meds, sunscreen, lip balm, hair ties, tissues, tide-to-go stick, wet wipes


Refillable water bottles, reusable shopping bag, flashlight, handtowel, light blanket, light beach towel, hat, sunglasses

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