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How To Plan the Perfect Tailgate Party

How To Plan the Perfect Tailgate Party

Heading to your favorite game this fall? Have a fantastic and easy time with these tailgate hacks to give you more time to hang out with your family and friends before the game.


When planning and packing, think portable. Fill an empty six-pack container with your favorite condiments and seasonings and another with napkins, straws, swizzle sticks and utensils.

Pack a small tote with essentials to just grab and go to any game - include ziploc bags, trash bags, wet wipes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, pain or allergy relievers, ponchos, sharpies and masking tape.

Or if you have more room, pack a three-tier set of plastic drawers so everything stays organized. One drawer for essentials, one drawer for your grilling gear, and one drawer for paper products.


The easiest is to drape the back of your truck or SUV with a tablecloth and set the stage with your food, drinks, and condiments.

Tables that roll up as big as a camping chair are a great option too or put two together with an average sized tablecloth.

Create more table space and interest by using crates for height. They do double duty since you can pack in them too. Line a garbage bag in it and put your dirty dishes inside to deal with when you get home.

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There are always enough burgers and brats in this world, instead change things up (and leave the grill at home) by creating a walking taco bar. Everything is chopped and prepped ahead of time, so you can relax on game day.

Or pick up easy pre-made items such as marinated olives, cut veggies, and assortment of sausages, meats and cheeses, hummus and spreads. Add in dried fruits or grapes, small containers of various nuts and an assortment of crackers and you have a terrific charcuterie snacking tray!

When it’s cold bring a variety of thermoses filled with soups or totally change things up and create breakfast burritos where most everything is prepped ahead and you can use a skillet on your grill to cook the eggs.

Make cookies or cupcakes ahead or buy from your local bakery. Our bakery makes huge soft pretzels that are fantastic in an assortment of dipping sauces.

Don’t forget to plan the tailgate games! Cornhole, ladder golf, and of course a football!

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