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How to Refresh your Walls on a Budget - Tandem For Two

How to Refresh your Walls on a Budget

Are your walls looking tired and outdated or boring? Have you updated your furniture or freshly painted the walls, but haven’t updated your decor? You can easily refresh your walls without spending a ton of money and make them stand out and create an inviting home.

1. Wall art doesn’t have to be in a picture frame

Use found objects like skis or old letters or even large shells. Velcro Command Strips work great to stick anything to walls - they worked on a piece of coral I found and I’ve even used them to adhere a decorative plate.

2. Paint a chalkboard wall

A small wall can be a great accent and a place for a message center. You can also paint an entire room to make a statement like I did with our previous kitchen. Use black matte paint for the first coat then paint the final coat with the more expensive chalkboard paint.

3. Hide damaged walls

Install paneling, bead board or shiplap instead of costly drywall replacement or plaster repairs. We installed our paneling over heavily damaged plaster walls and topped them with a shelf to add architectural interest.

4. Bring some color and patterns into your decor

Stretch fabric over stretcher bars and staple to the back or even over an old picture frame from a thrift shop or garage sale.

5. Peruse thrift shops

Thrift shops are great places to find cool vintage frames that are unique. Hit them with spray paint and fill it with a photo copied image at your local Staples, paint your own design right over the old canvas, or fill it with one of our art prints.

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