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Ways to Celebrate Spring!

Ways to Celebrate Spring!

It's the season for blooming flowers, warming days, and longer nights! Spring is a time of new beginnings – when we can break out from our winter cocoons and embrace the possibilities stretching before us. April especially provides plenty opportunities to make lasting memories with family and friends. Here are some fun ideas on how you can celebrate this month:

Get Outdoors – Take advantage of milder temperatures by spending more time outside with your friends and family or take some solo outdoor adventure trips wherever you live. Whether that means picnicking at the park or going hiking through nature trails—getting some fresh air will clear your head and lift your spirits.

Plant Something – Try growing something new in your garden or just get creative indoors by splurging on spring flowers or investing in indoor plants as they bring life to any living space. I've started growing herbs on my kitchen windowsill until I can grow more outside this summer.

Visit New Places - Take a road trip somewhere even if it is close to home! I love to play tourist in towns that aren't far from home and discover new things to experience. I'm heading north in a week and working remotely and enjoying an area I've spent a lot of time in but during a new season. 

Spend Time Well - Do things now you always look forward to but never had enough time before; trying painting, learn origami, create a new recipe, gather family together. Doing small projects have proven boosts happiness hormones--so embrace & celebrate experiencing new things each day.

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