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Make a traveling picnic with a snackle box!

Make a traveling picnic with a snackle box!

What is a Snackle Box you ask? Marry a tackle box with snacks = Snackle Box! It makes transporting snacks to the beach, picnic, or boat ride so much easier. And since I love a great selection of meats and cheeses = charcuterie, putting charcuterie into my Snackle Box was even better!

Creating your own Snackle Box is pretty easy. Packed with an assortment of tasty treats, this snack-filled treasure chest will streamline your planning and improve your snacking game! 

Select Your Box

To start, find a box that will serve as your Snackle Box. It can be any size or shape, depending on how many snacks you want to include. You can head to the fishing aisle at a sporting goods store, but I didn't have any luck finding one with compartments deep enough for what I want to pack in there. I found divided food storage containers at my local supermarkets were the way to go. Sistema's To-Go line was perfect for what I was looking for, has deep divided compartments and is BPA free with a locking lid.

Choose a Theme

Themes add an extra layer of fun to your Snackle Box. Pick a theme that excites you, such as Charcuterie, Movie Night, Healthy Bites, or Sweet and Salty. This will help guide your snack selection and give your Snackle Box a cohesive feel.

Stock Up on Snacks

Now comes the best part—selecting snacks! Head to your local grocery store or specialty shops and let your imagination run wild. Consider a variety of options, including sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, and healthy snacks. Here are some snack ideas for different categories:

  • Charcuterie: Sliced summer sausage, pepperoni, beef jerky, cubed cheese, sliced cheese, cheese spread, olives, crackers, nuts, or pretzel sticks.
  • Sweet Treats: Chocolates, cookies, gummies, marshmallows, popcorn, or fruit snacks.
  • Salty Goodness: Pretzels, potato chips, cheese puffs, popcorn, roasted nuts, or snack mix.
  • Healthy Bites: Granola bars, dried fruit, rice cakes, cut veggies, yogurt-covered treats, or trail mix.

Since I love charcuterie, I often put sausage or pepperoni slices in one compartment, cheese slices in another, a Boursin cheese spread in another and Castelvetrano olives in the last compartment. Then in a second box I include two kinds of crackers, pretzel sticks, and cocktail peanuts. Lock the lids and go on your next adventure!

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