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March = Out With the Old - tandemfortwo.com

March = Out With the Old

About this time every winter, I start to get the bug - I mean the cleaning/purging bug. Maybe it’s because I’ve been indoors more than the rest of the year and I’m sick of looking at my stuff. Or maybe I’m feeling cooped up for too long and need to make some space. Do you know what I mean?

It’s time to get rid of the old…the clutter, the extra, the unused, the unnecessary. I do this with our things room by room, a little at a time every year. But what if I did this with more than just our stuff? What if I said it was time to get rid of the old ways of thinking, the unhelpful thoughts, the self-defeating mindset, the unflattering words? What if I got rid of the clutter in my mind, the extra, the unused, the unnecessary?

I know I always feel better and a good sense of accomplishment when I purge my house, so I would think I’d feel the same if I did so with my mindset. It’s time that I start seeing myself as a talented artist instead of a girl that wished she could draw better. Gosh - even writing "talented artist” made me pause. I have to start seeing that within me instead of just a graphic designer.

As I’m cleaning out kitchen tools I haven’t used in eons (come on we all have them), I need to start seeing myself as a successful business woman even though I have my degree in Engineering and have no background in Business.

As I purge the many hats, mittens, and scarves that no long fit, have long lost the mate, or just aren't in style anymore, I need to purge the thoughts of doubt and worry and indecision as I try to grow my small business beyond the Midwest and increase my staff to handle the load.

What thoughts and words and mindset are you still carrying that just don’t fit anymore, or maybe shouldn’t have been taken on in the first place? Did I ever really need a microwaveable rice maker instead of just making it on the stove? Did I ever really need the label of bossy and instead realize that’s just confidence? That outspokenness is just being passionate, that my bluntness is honesty?

I think many of us have some spring cleaning to do and I’m not just talking about our stuff either.

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