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May = I Just Called to Say I Love You - tandemfortwo.com

May = I Just Called to Say I Love You

Yes, Stevie Wonder is singing in my head as I think about this month. May is full of milestones to celebrate in my family and I am looking forward to a busy month ahead. We kick it off with celebrating my daughter's birthday, then we throw in prom and our anniversary - and that’s just one weekend! Then it’s Mother’s Day followed by my nephew’s birthday, my son’s graduation from high school, his graduation party and Memorial Day. Whew!

I love to celebrate, but in the midst of all the busyness, do we forget to enjoy the moments? In the middle of the planning do we stop for conversation? Have we called anyone lately just to say I love you? It’s all too easy for me to just do and go and plan and forget to slow down and savor and just be.

So how can we make sure we don’t blink and miss the ways to tell our families we love them? How can we appreciate our moms and teachers, our graduates and veterans? I think a lot of us can get overwhelmed thinking of trying to do it all when we add in our jobs, committees, and volunteer work and then our kids sports and extra-curriculars.

I don’t think we have to have a grand gesture or spend a big chunk of time even if it is well-spent. I think we can show our love and appreciation in the little things. A sticky note, a shared photo, or even a simple phone call just to let someone know you’ve been thinking of them. I know I am going to be more intentional in my moments this month and make sure they don’t pass me by!

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